Professor Emeritus of History


Ph.D., Harvard University

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History Educator

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Milton Isadore Vanger


Vanger, Milton Isadore. Uraguay's Jose Battle Y Ordonez: The Determined Visionary, 1915-17. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2009.

Vanger, Milton Isadore. Reforma o Revolucion La Polemica Batlle-Mibelli, 1917. 1989.

Vanger, Milton Isadore. The Model Country: Jose Batlle y Ordonez of Uruguay, 1907-1915 (2nd ed. 1991). 1980.

Vanger, Milton Isadore. Jose Batlle y Ordonez of Uruguay: The Creator of His Times (2nd ed. 1980). 1965.