Raymond Ginger Professor of History


Ph.D., Oxford University

Field of Specialty

Modern European and French history; history of modern war.

Contact Information

Golding Judaica Center 115

Paul Jankowski

Professor Jankowski teaches the history of modern Europe and of France in particular, as well as the history of wars and warfare, especially those of the twentieth century, in Europe since the Middle Ages.


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Courses Taught

HIST 52b Europe from 1789 to the Present
HIST 61a Cultures in Conflict since 1300
HIST 137b World War I
HIST 138a The Great Interwar Crisis
HIST 145a War in European History
HIST 186a Europe in World War II
HIST 205b Introduction to Doctoral Studies
HIST 208a The World between the Wars, 1919-1939
HIST 221a Colloquium in European Comparative History since the Eighteenth Century