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Faculty List

Childs, Gregory
Assistant Professor of Latin American History
Expertise: African diaspora, Latin America and Caribbean, African American, race and gender, political theory and history.

Cooper, Abigail
Assistant Professor of History
Expertise: 19th-century America.  Religious and cultural history.  The American South.  African American history and slavery.

Engerman, David, Department Chair
Ottilie Springer Professor of History
Expertise: History of American foreign policy. International and cultural history.  United States intellectual history.

Freeze, Gregory
Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor of History
Expertise: Russia, Central Asia, and Germany.  Social history, religion, globalization.

Hang, Xing, Undergraduate Advising Head
Assistant Professor of History
Expertise: East Asian History.

Hulliung, Mark L.
Richard Koret Professor of the History of Ideas
Expertise: Intellectual, cultural, and political history--European and American.

James, Heyward Parker
Senior Lecturer in History

Jankowski, Paul
Raymond Ginger Professor of History
Expertise: Modern European and French history.  History of war.

Kapelle, William E.
Associate Professor of History
Expertise: Medieval history.

Kelikian, Alice A.
Associate Professor of History
Expertise: Modern history. Social and institutional history.

Mishler, Max
Assistant Professor of History

Muller, Hannah Weiss
Assistant Professor of History
Expertise: British History.

Sohrabi, Naghmeh
Assistant Professor of Middle East History
Charles Goodman Chair in Middle East History
Expertise: Middle Eastern Studies.  Cultural and political history.

Sreenivasan, Govind, Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of History
Expertise: Early modern European history with an emphasis on Germany.  World history.

Willrich, Michael
Leff Families Professor of History
Expertise: American social and legal history.

Teaching-Affiliated Faculty Members

Donahue, Brian
Associate Professor of American Environmental Studies (on the Jack Meyerhoff Fund)
Expertise: American environmental studies.

Freeze, ChaeRan
Associate Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies
Expertise: East European Jewish history.

Hansen, Karen
Professor of Sociology, and Women's and Gender Studies
Expertise: Contemporary families; historical sociology; feminist theory; sociology of gender, class & race/ethnicity; community studies.

Jockusch, Laura
Albert Abramson Assistant Professor of Holocaust Studies
Expertise: Modern Jewish History, Holocaust Studies

Kryder, Daniel
Associate Professor of Politics
Expertise: American political development. History of race policy and politics. The presidency. Wartime politics.

Ray, Carina
Associate Professor of African and Afro-American Studies
Expertise: African and Black Atlantic history; West Africa; Ghana; race, gender, and sexuality; comparative colonialisms and nationalisms; migration and maritime histories.

Reinharz, Jehuda
President Emeritus and Richard Koret Professor of Modern Jewish History; Director, Tauber Institute
Expertise: Modern Jewish history.

Sarna, Jonathan
Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History
Expertise: American Jewish History & Life; Jews in the Americas.

Sheppard, Eugene
Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought
Expertise: Modern German and German-Jewish intellectual history. A special interest in modern German Jewish thought, and the impact of European Jewish refugees on the American, European, and Israeli public sphere as well as the academy.

Williams, Chad
Associate Professor of African & Afro-American Studies
Expertise: African American and modern United States History. African American military history. World War I. African American intellectual history.

Faculty Emeriti

Antler, Joyce
Professor Emerita of American Studies and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Arrom, Silvia M.
Professor Emerita of History

Fischer, David Hackett
University Professor Emeritus of History

Keller, Morton
Professor Emeritus of History

Polonsky, Antony
Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies

Schrecker, John
Professor Emeritus of History

Sundiata, Ibrahim
Professor Emeritus of History

Vanger, Milton
Professor Emeritus of History