Brandeis Dissertation Class

The brandiss LaTeX class is intended to ease creating a dissertation in LaTeX that meets the formatting requirements of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), including those for online submission. It extends the amsbook class of the AMS by adding commands for formatting the front pages of the thesis and by setting the default font size, one-sided pagination, margins, page numbering and PDF compression level.

The brandiss class has all of the options of the amsbook class, and two more: online vs. printed and uncompressed vs. compressed. The first option controls the format of the signature page, where using the online option formats it for on-line submission and the printed option formats it for actual signatures. The second option is only meaningful if a PDF file is being produced by "pdflatex," in which case the uncompressed option means the resulting file is uncompressed and the compressed option really means to not set the compression level to none. (That is, the compression level will be whatever is the default.)

Files for this class, including some documentation and samples may be found here. To use the class, copy the brandisssample.tex file and modify it to include your dissertation. If you're experienced enough with LaTeX to solve your own problems, copy the brandisshyper.tex file and modify it to include your dissertation.

Created by Mario O. Bourgoin