In addition to BEAMS, all students at Brandeis have acces to the Getz Media Lab  




•Genelec 1030A monitors and subwoofer - 5.1 surround

•1968 BUCHLA 100 Modular Electronic Music System; two cabinets containing 40 functional modules

•Mac computers

•Kyma Digital Audio Workstation (Pacarana hardware)

•Motu 828mkIII interfaces

•Many different legacy format tape machines including reel-reel and DAT

•AKAI APC20 Ableton controller

•88 key, touch-sensitive, MIDI keyboard controllers

 •Concert System: Meyer UPA1 and 2 speakers; Roland 480 mixer; digital snake; Shure KSM32, SM87Cbeta, SM58, DPA 4660; Neumann 105; Sennheiser e865 microphones




•Finale 2011

•Adobe Master Collection

•Final Cut Pro

•Logic Pro 

•Peak Pro 


•Sonar 7 Producer Edition

•Sound Forge 9.0

•Soundtrack Pro

•Tassman 4

•Waves Gold 5.2