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Fall 2016 Course Brochure

>Fall 2016 Course Brochure


"In NEJS classes, I read Supreme Court rulings, ancient witches' spells, graphic novels, and WWII love letters. NEJS classes are always fun, always unexpected, and without a doubt the most intellectually challenging I took at Brandeis."

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Fall 2016

Professor Course No. Course Name
Abusch NEJS 116a Ancient Near Eastern Religion and Mythology
Abusch NEJS 201a Akkadian Literary Texts I
Ben-Or NEJS 180b Introduction to Israeli Literature, Film, and Culture
Brooten NEJS 128a Introduction to Christianity
Brooten NEJS 218a Contesting Gender and Sexuality, Making Early Christianity (w/Karen King @ Harvard)
Decter NEJS 140a Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages 
Ellenson NEJS 236a Seminar on Modern Jewish and Israeli Historiography
El-Tobgui IMES 104a Islam:  Civilization and Institutions
Fishman NEJS 182a Jewish Life in Film and Fiction
Freeze NEJS 236b Jews of the Russian Empire
Jockusch NEJS 148a Inside Nazi Germany: Social and Political History of the Third Reich
Jockusch NEJS 37a The Destruction of European Jewry
Kellman NEJS 134b Yiddish Culture in the Modern World 
Kimelman NEJS 127a Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism
Kimelman NEJS 25a Introduction to Talmud
Krasner NEJS 171a History Lessons:  Teaching the Jewish Experience
Laher NEJS 186a Introduction to the Qur'an
Levisohn NEJS 231a Graduate Proseminar in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies 
Mirsky NEJS 155b Jewish Law and Ethics
Mirsky NEJS 191b The World to Come: Jewish Messianism from Antiquity to Zionism
Sheppard NEJS 159a Modern Jewish Philosophy 
Sheppard NEJS 6a  Jewish History, Ancient to Modern
Staff (Adjunct) NEJS 200a Elementary Akkadian
Vayntrub NEJS 10a Biblical Hebrew Grammar and Texts
Wright NEJS 114b Ritual in Biblical Narrative
Wright NEJS 206a Advanced Northwest Semitics