NEJS Graduate Representatives

Jared Pfost is a doctoral student in Bible and the Ancient Near East. He holds a BA from Brigham Young University in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. His research focuses mainly on comparative studies between Mesopotamian and biblical literature, particularly in religious and epic texts. He also has broad interest in the history of religions. When he is not studying Jared can be found watching football or spending time in the outdoors with his wife.

Dina Shvetsov's research is focused on legal, political, socio-cultural and religious constituents of Israeli identity with regard toshvetsov evolutions policy on immigrants, refugees and converts to Judaism. She holds a BA and MA in Politics from the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow and a dual MA in Public Policy and Jewish Professional Leadership from Brandeis University. Dina wrote her Master’s thesis on illegal migration from Africa to Israel. She speaks Russian, Hebrew and understands German. She is a 2nd year doctoral student.