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Joseph Lumbard

Joseph Lumbard, assistant professor of classical Islam, researches Islamic intellectual traditions with an emphasis on Quran, Sufism and Islamic philosophy. He is a general editor for The Study Quran (HarperOne, Forthcoming 2015), for which he helped create a new translation and wrote the commentary for sūrahs 1 and 29 through 114, and an associate editor for the Integrated Encyclopaedia of the Quran.

His books include Love and Remembrance: The Life and Work of Amad al-Ghazālī ; (SUNY Press, Forthcoming, 2015), Submission, Faith and Beauty, The Religion of Islam (2009) and he edited Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition" (World Wisdom, 2004), a collection of essays that examines the religious, political and historical factors that have led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

Before coming to Brandeis, Lumbard served as an advisor for interfaith affairs in the Jordanian Royal Court and has traveled the world to promote interfaith dialogue. He has published several articles in this area and is currently preparing a volume entitled Towards a Quranic Theology of the Other.

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