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Esther Shorr
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Esther Shorr


Esther Shorr

Esther Shorr, senior lecturer in the Hebrew program since 1986, has taught a variety of Hebrew courses specializing in beginning and intermediate levels. She also teaches at the Brandeis Hebrew Language Summer Institute and at the Middlebury School of Languages at Middlebury, Vermont. Shorr has had extensive teaching experience of Hebrew to non-native students in the United States and in England. Shorr, along with her colleagues, published "Brandeis Modern Hebrew," which has instantly become the standard college Hebrew textbook in America. Esther is also the co-author of "Brandeis Modern Hebrew - Intermediate to Advanced," which will be released in pilot edition in July 2013.

Shorr was a member of the Zamir Chorale of Boston for ten years.

Brandeis Modern HebrewBrandeis Modern Hebrew: Intermediate to Advanced