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Graduate Student News 2013-2014

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Graduate Student Open House, September, 2013.
baby BANE Ph.D. student Molly DeMarco and her husband T. J. welcomed Sophia Grace on June 7th. She is all smiles and coos, with her gurgles leading her mother to suspect that she will be a natural at pronouncing Semitic languages!


Zev Eleff, a NEJS Ph.D. candidate was recently awarded a Graduate School of Arts and Sciences  University Prize Instructorship (UPI). This award offers the opportunity to design and teach an undergraduate course in an upcoming semester. Zev will be teaching his course entitled: "Toward Religious Pluralism: A seminar on American Religious Conflicts and Conciliations." Look for this course in Spring 2015. Congratulations Zev!


Eva Gurevich, a NEJS Ph.D. candidate and her husband welcomed their first child Ruthie Tsipora Gurevich on July 27! Congratulations to the whole family! 


BANE Ph.D. student Eric Harvey and his wife Kristin  welcomed Jane Rose Harvey on October 16, 2014.  Mother is recovering well and baby is strong and healthy at 8 lb. 15 oz and 21" long.  Congratulations!