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Joseph Lumbard
Lown 300a
Phone:  781-736-2971

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies


Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum sponsored by the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies in conjunction with the faculty from several other departments. It is designed to provide a strong foundation in Middle Eastern studies with a specialized knowledge of Islam.

The concentration requires students to take elective courses from the departments represented by the faculty committee. Key contributing departments, in addition to Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, include politics, history, economics, sociology, African and Afro-American studies and anthropology. With a solid training in language, political theory and praxis, history, economics, sociology and anthropology, the concentration is especially appropriate for students wishing to pursue graduate work, particularly in the field of Middle Eastern studies, or for those who wish to pursue careers dealing directly or indirectly with the Middle East.

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