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Requirements for the NEJS Minor

The minor consists of a coherent set of five courses in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, of which two may be cross-listed courses or courses taken at other universities.

A. At least one of the five courses must be in “Modern and Contemporary Jewish Studies” (see section C of the Judaic Studies track of the NEJS major above) and one course must be either in “Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies” or in “Early Post-Biblical Judaism, Early Christianity, Classical Islam, Rabbinic, and Medieval Jewish Studies.”

B. No more than two of the following semester courses may be applied toward the minor: YDSH 10a (Beginning Yiddish), YDSH 20b (Continuing Yiddish), ARBC 10a (Beginning Literary Arabic), and ARBC 20b (Continuing Literary Arabic). HBRW 10a (Beginning Hebrew) and HBRW 20b (Intermediate Hebrew).

C. Students are required to declare the minor in NEJS no later than the beginning of the senior year. Each student declaring a minor will be assigned a departmental adviser after conferring with the undergraduate advising head.

D. By departmental rule, a maximum of two semester course credits for courses taken at other universities, whether in the United States or abroad, may be accepted toward the minor in NEJS. Students are encouraged to seek advance approval from the department's undergraduate adviser for all courses intended for transfer credit. For courses taken in Israeli universities, one Brandeis semester credit will be given for a three-hour-per-week one-semester course; a two-semester, two-hour-per-week course; or two two-hour, one-semester courses. Nonresident credit for purpose (not numeric course credit) may be granted for summer Ulpan programs at qualifying Israeli university programs, based on the approval of the Director of Hebrew and Arabic Languages in conjunction with the Study Abroad Office.

E. No course with a final grade below C- can count toward fulfilling the minor requirements in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

F. No course taken pass/fail may count toward the minor requirements.

No more than two courses that count for the IMES major or minor may count toward the NEJS minor.