Exam Date

Spring 2015


   If interested,
   please email:

NEJS 5a Exemption Exam

Foundational Course in Jewish Studies

You may become exempt from taking NEJS 5a, a required course for the NEJS major, by passing the three-hour exemption exam.  Students who pass the exam may take another course instead. Click on the following link to access a syllabus and study guide

Exam Rules

  1. The exam will be given twice a year, within the first two weeks of each semester.
  2. Any undergraduate student may take this exam, but it is not prudent for students to wait until senior year to do so.
  3. The exam date is inflexible; it will be given in a proctored setting, and its date will be announced at least one month in advance.
  4. The version of the exam given and graded in any semester/year will be that of the NEJS faculty member teaching the course that semester/year.
  5. Students may take the exam no more than twice.
  6. Only students who receive a B- (80) or higher will be exempt.
  7. Study sheets for each exam are available in the NEJS office and on the NEJS website.

Contact Joanne Arnish at 781-736-2950 or email jarnish@brandeis.edu to sign up for the exam.

NEJS 10a

Biblical Hebrew Grammar and Texts

For information on taking an exemption exam for NEJS 10a, please contact Prof. Marc Brettler, brettler@brandeis.edu.