Philosophy Bites

Nigel Warburton (author of Philosophy: The Basics) and David Edmonds (co-author of Wittgenstein's Poker) interview philosophers on a host of philosophical topics in short fifteen minute segments.

Blogs and Podcasts

The Waltham Circle
A blog by graduate students of the Brandeis Department of Philosophy.

Other Blogs:

The Stone

A blog devoted to skepticism.

Certain Doubts
Devoted to matters epistemological.

Epistemic Value
A blog devoted to epistemological issues run by Duncan Pritchard out of the University of Edinburgh.

Ethics Etc.
Discussing contemporary philosophical issues in ethics and related areas.

Metaphysical Values
A blog on the nature of things, created by the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, Leeds, UK.

PEA Soup
A blog dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and the academy.

Philosophy of Information
News and comments on the philosophy of computing and information, the philosophy of technology, information technology, computer ethics and information ethics.

Practical Ethics
Ethical Perspectives on the News.

Seeing Things
A blog devoted to philosophy, phenomenology, and cognitive neuroscience of perception created by Sean Kelly.


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