Recent Conferences

Spring 2013 Conference
Justice and Virtue in Kant

Spring 2012 Conference ««
Intentions and Belief

Summer 2011 Conference
Philosophy in an Age of Science: A Conference in Honor of Hilary Putnam's 85th Birthday 

Spring 2011 Conference
Varieties of Normative Experience

Spring 2010 Conference
Intersections with the Philosophy of Language

Spring 2012 Conference

Intentions and Belief

Bratman, Marusic, Hieronymi

Berislav Marušić, Michael Bratman, and Pamela Hieronymi at the Intentions and Belief conference dinner. (Photo by Amy Ferrer)

Conference Papers:

Michael Bratman, U.G. and Abbie Birch Durfee Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University:  "Intention, Belief, Practical, Theoretical"

Berislav Marušić, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Brandeis University: "Promising Against the Evidence"

Pamela Hieronymi, UCLA and currently Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University: "Reflection and Responsibility"