2006-2007 Colloquium Series

- Fall 2006-

September 14
Ted Sider, Rutgers University
"Ontological Realism"

October 12
Michael Smith, Princeton University
"Two Kinds of Consequentialism"

October 26
Ray Jackendoff, Tufts University
"The Peculiar Logic of Value"

November 30
Mary Kate McGowan, Wellesley College
"Oppressive Speech"

- Spring 2007 -

March 15
Erin Kelly, Tufts University
"Beyond Retribution: An Outline of a Theory of Punishment"

March 29
John McDowell, University of Pittsburgh
"Sensory Consciousness in Kant and Sellars"

April 12
Doug Lavin, Harvard University
"Must There Be Basic Action?"

April 26
Jeffrey McDonough, Harvard University
"Berkeley, Human Agency and Divine Concurrentism"

The Colloquium Series is sponsored by the Martin Weiner Fund.