2008-2009 Colloquium Series

- Fall 2008 -

September 25
David Christensen, Brown University
"Why You Should Not Believe the Conclusion of This Talk"

October 23
Alison McIntyre, Wellesley College
"Undesigning Propensities and Calm Desires: Is Hume Attacking Hutcheson at T"

November 13
Matthew Boyle, Harvard University
"Making Up Your Mind and the Metaphysics of Belief"

- Spring 2009 -

February 12
Matti Eklund, Cornell University
"Misevaluation and Moral Realism"

March 6
Timothy Williamson
Oxford University

March 26
Katherine Dunlop, Brown University
"Kant on Definitions in Mathematics"

April 23
Mark E. Richard
Tufts University

All talks are on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in Rabb 338 with the exception of Timothy Williamson's talk which will be on a Friday, March 6th at 4 p.m. in Rabb 338.

The olloquium Series is sponsored by the Martin Weiner Fund.