Recent Conferences

Spring 2013 Conference
Justice and Virtue in Kant

Spring 2012 Conference
Intentions and Belief

Summer 2011 Conference
Philosophy in an Age of Science: A Conference in Honor of Hilary Putnam's 85th Birthday

Spring 2011 Conference ««
Varieties of Normative Experience

Spring 2010 Conference
Intersections with the Philosophy of Language

Spring 2011 Graduate Student Conference

Varieties of Normative Experience

Friday, April 1st
Olin-Sang 101

4:00 pm - Presenter Check-In

4:30 pm: “Harm and Preventing Harm” - Judith Jarvis Thomson (MIT)

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Meet and Greet in Mandel Center Atrium

Saturday, April 2nd
Mandel Center G12

9 am: “Promises as Perlocutions and the Obligation Therein” By Matthew Dougherty (Virginia Tech). Commentator: Daniel Tigard

10 am: “An Argument Against Value Pluralism” By Jennifer Etheridge (University of Miami). Commentator: Nichole Dular

11 am: “What the Externalist Can’t Say About Slow Switching Cases” By Katherine Ritchie (University of Texas-Austin)
. Commentator: Richard Sandlin

12 pm: “Against Kim on Beliefs and Epistemic Normativity” By Sharon Berry (Harvard). Commentator: Joshua Blanchard


2 pm: “Disagreement, Difference-Splitting, and Level-Connections” By Jeremy Goodman (Oxford). Commentator: Lauren Leydon-Hardy

3 pm: “It’s All Too Hard!” By Aness Webster (University of Southern California). Commentator: Nathan Biebel

4 pm: “Two Types of Typicality” Presented by David Rose (Carnegie Mellon University) and co-authored with Jonathan Livengood (University of Pittsburgh). Commentator: Matthias Jenny

5 pm: “Constitutivism and the Possibility of Error” By Justin Bernstein (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). Commentator: Kevin Busch