Each week graduate students have the opportunity to present and discuss some of their recent work. Presentations are held at least monthly and as often as weekly, and they typically last one to two hours.

2014-2015 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2013-2014 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2015-2016 Speaker Series

Fall Semester

September 11th, 3-5PM
Michael Dale
"Deontology vs. Consequentialism: On the Normative Significance of Cognitive Science"
September 25th, 4-6PM
Nick Verrastro
"Ignorance and Intolerance: Making the Case for Dialogical Responsibility"
October 2nd, 3-5PM
Ethan Landes
"Salvaging the Expertise Defense: Debiasing and Case Methodology"
October 9th, 3-5PM
Brett Chance
"Are Naïve Realism and Representationalism Compatible?" 

October 23rd, 3-5PM
Kyle O'Dwyer
"Metaphysical Modality Undiminished: A Critique of Modal Normativism"
October 30th, 3-5PM
Aznavur Dustmamatov
"Aristotle on the Necessity of Self Perception"
November 6th, 3-5PM
Aarthy Vaidyanathan
"A Question of Trustworthiness"
December 11th, 3-5PM
Will Edgecomb
"Why the Separate-Modifiability Constraint Does not Preclude a Non-Modular Mind"

Spring Semester

March 4th, 4-6PM
Kelly-Kate Crossland
On Susan Wolf's Insanity Plea"

March 18th, 4-6PM
David Poplar
“Pragmatic Encroachment and the Word of ‘God'"

March 25th, 11AM-1PM
Brian Porter
“The Fundamental Problem with Mixed Ontologies"

April 1st, 4-6PM
John Koselke
“A Non-Reductionist Response to Lewis and Parfit"

April 15th, 4-6PM
Alex Marmor
How to 'Straw-Man' Strawson"

April 22th, 4-6PM
Sofia Berinstein
“Phenomenology and the Representational Content "

April 29th, 4-6PM
Louis Doulas
“How to Speak a Fundamental Language”

May 6th, 4-6PM
Calvin Chan
“A Moral Objection to Reasons Objectivism"