Each week graduate students have the opportunity to present and discuss some of their recent work. Presentations are held at least monthly and as often as weekly, and they typically last one to two hours.

2015-2016 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2014-2015 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2013-2014 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2016-2017 Speaker Series

Fall Semester

September 16th
John Koselke
"Scrutability, Structuralism, and Half-world Skepticism"
September 23rd
Sofia Berinstein
"Are Accuracy Conditions the Right Way to Think About Contents?"
October 7th
Alex Marmor
"The Wrong Kind of Distinction: Reasons and Rational Relations"

October 14th
Brian Porter
“Debunking Arguments and Modal Beliefs"
October 21st
Louis Doulas
"Without Knowing What Reality Could Be"
October 24th
Douglas Yetman
"New Counterexamples to Causal Structuralism"
October 28th
Calvin Chan
"A Moral Objection to Reasons Objectivism"

November 11th
David Poplar
"Restoring Equanimity: Why Positive and Negative Reactive Emotions Should be Treated Symmetrically in Wallace’s Reactive Account of Moral Responsibility"

December 2nd
Christopher Stahl
“On Being and Becoming'"

December 9th
Kelly-Kate Crossland
"The Possibility of Choice: Private Corporate Law in the Ruins of the Social Contract"

December 16th
Louis Doulas
"A Metaontological Puzzle for neo-Aristotelian Ontology"

Spring 2017

February 3rd
William Phillips
"The Indeterminacy of Dimension"

February 10th
Alexandra Gustafson
"The Language of Poetry"

February 17th
Jacob Caldwell
"Ugliness and Enjoyment"

February 24th
Alex Marmor
"Stance and Dogma: The Grounding Problem for Empiricism"

March 17th
Kellan Head
"Survival, Identity, and the Use of Words"

March 24th
David Poplar
"Thomas Nagel and the Scientification of Intelligent Design"

April 7th
Doug Yetman
"New Counterexamples to Causal Structuralism"

April 14th
Sofia Berinstein
"Suspending the Reactive Attitudes for Prudential Reasons"

April 28th
Louis Doulas
"Existence-What and Existence-How"

May 5th
Mahala Rethlake
"Evaluating Parfit’s Solutions to the Ideal World Objections: Do the Objections Stand?"

All talks take place in the Danielsen Room (Rabb 338)
from 4pm to 6pm