Reading Groups

Our graduate students often organize independent reading groups -- each with a different focus.

Fall 2017 Epistemology Reading Group:

The Fall Reading Group focused on seminal works in the literature on self-knowledge. We read pieces by Williamson, Berker, Moran, and Wright among others.

Spring 2018 Epistemology Reading Group:

The Spring Reading Group has focused on the work of Professor Susanna Rinard, whose writings range over a number of important areas in contemporary epistemology. Here is our schedule:

  1.  Why Philosophy Can Overturn Common Sense
  2.  Against Radical Credal Imprecision
  3.       A Decision Theory for Imprecise Probabilities
  4.       Imprecise Probability and Higher Order Vagueness
  5.       Against The New Evidentialists

6.      No Exception for Belief

7.      Equal Treatment for Belief

8.       Reasoning One’s Way Out of Skepticism

9.       Pragmatic Skepticism