The Brandeis Philosophy Department is very proud to announce that our colleague Beri Marušić has won the Sanders Prize in the Philosophy of Mind for a paper coauthored with John Schwenkler of Florida State University entitled: Intending is Believing: A Defense of Strong Cognitivism This prize is an annual essay competition open to scholars who are within fifteen (15) years of receiving a Ph.D. and students who are currently enrolled in a graduate program.

Here is an abstract of the winning paper: "We argue that intentions are beliefs—beliefs that are held in light of, and made rational by, practical reasoning. To intend to do something is neither more nor less than to believe, on the basis of one’s practical reasoning, that one will do it. The identification of the mental state of intention with the mental state of belief is what we call strong cognitivism about intentions."

This honor is all the more impressive as it comes on the heels of Beri winning the 2016 Sanders APA Book Prize for his book Evidence and Agency.

Congratulations to Beri!


One of our Alumni, Savannah Pearlman, was just elected to serve on the APA Graduate Student Council! Way to represent!

Congratulations to Jennifer Marušić who was just awarded tenure!

One of our own Graduate Students, Mahala Rethlake, is featured in Brandeis NOW!

Professor Eli Hirsch just contributed the inaugural post to the "Philosophy Phridays" series on The Daily Ant:

Professor Robert Greenberg's new book, The Bounds of Freedom: Kant's Causal Theory of Action, was recently published and is now available at Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston (publisher). It adapts Kant's causal theory of action to H. P. Grice's causal theory of perception. Kant's theory of the freedom of the will is explained in that context.

Congratulations to Professor Berislav Marušić for winning the 2016 Sanders Book Prize for his book, Evidence & Agency!
Evidence and Agency

Berislav Marusic

Professor Kate Moran has been awarded tenure! She will remain on leave in Germany doing research funded by her Humboldt Foundation Fellowship, and will return to Brandeis in the Spring of 2017.

Kathleen A. Moran

Professor Marion Smiley was recently awarded the Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer '69 Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring. This prize honors the individual  who is involved in the cocurricular and extracurricular life of the campus, and more importantly, has had a significant impact on students' lives as an exceptional teacher, mentor, adviser and friend.

Marion Smiley