PHIL 1A Intro to Philosophy Course Assistant

Office: Rabb 356

Office Hours: Thurs. 4:00 - 5:00 or by appointment

Kevin Lande

Kevin studied philosophy and political science at Montana State University before coming to Brandeis. He is interested in philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. In particular, he studies the relationship between mental and physical descriptions and the individuation of events and objects within those descriptions. He also studies perceptual experience and how this figures into the mind-body problem. He is also interested in dealing with how utterances come to have "meaning" for a speaker and listener. In addition to contemporary analytic philosophy, Kevin attempts to incorporate the ordinary language philosophers (particularly Ryle, Austin, and Wittgenstein) as well as Maurice Merleau-Ponty into his work. He maintains a philosophy blog at When not doing philosophy, Kevin plays guitar, does photography, skis (when and where possible), concocts highly unfortunate one-liners, and puts on a beret to recite beat poetry (okay, not that last one).