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Kevin Diep

Kevin began his undergraduate studies at Brandeis University as a physics major, but received his B.A. with high honors in philosophy in the fall of 2012 after deciding it wasn't worth the effort to retroactively learn multivariable calculus to catch up with the advanced class.  As an undergrad, he was the BUGS tutor for philosophy (a.k.a. the symbolic logic tutor).  His philosophical interests are wide and varied, as is probably true for most students of philosophy.  Some areas of particular interest to him include normative ethics, metaethics, East Asian philosophy, Later Wittgenstein, and the theory of action.  He holds no concrete stances in any of these fields, but hopes to some day form a coherent picture of...things.  When he is not studying philosophy, one might find Kevin in an enclosed space with a wi-fi connection playing some video game or another with his now-graduated and employed friends or scrambling to find something good to eat that won't cost an arm and a leg.