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Aznavur Dustmamatov


Aznavur Dustmamatov

Originally from Russia, I graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in philosophy. After working for a few years in the tech industry, I am returning to philosophy to pursue my interests in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, and the history of philosophy.

Mostly, I wonder if it's plausible to interpret the mind as an input-output system. My research revolves around a cluster of issues such as intentionality, intentional action, phenomenal consciousness, the problem of functional indeterminacy and its significance for teleological accounts of mental content. I also wonder about how and why we act, individually and as groups, and take keen interest in rational choice theory and the problem of collective intentionality.

In addition, I have varied interests in the history of philosophy, including Heidegger and phenomenology, Aristotle, process philosophy, and pragmatism.

In my spare time, I take photos, play chess, and follow the news.