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Zachary Kotlow

Zak received his B.A. in Philosophy from Brandeis University in 2011 with minors in both Classical Studies and Creative Writing. His first two years of undergraduate study were spent at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where his pursuits in physics gave way to a budding love of wisdom; thus began his academic foray in philosophy. Zak's primary vector of philosophical inquiry is metaphysics (though, of course, all areas of philosophy come into play) with an emphasis on Ancient Greek philosophy--Plato and Aristotle in the forefront--tempered by more modern scholarship in similar fields (Frege: philosophy of language/mathematics) as well as slightly more disparate ones (David Lewis: modal realism). However, these interests all come into, quite frenzied, contention with an abiding passion for the work of Friedrich Nietzsche; it honestly comes to blows at times. Theory of fiction, as a subset of the philosophy of language, is one of the specific areas of modern philosophy which holds a prominent role in Zak's recent study and  scholarship.