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Alex Marmor


Alex Marmor

Alex received his BA in philosophy from Boston University, with a minor in music.  His primary interests in philosophy are ethics (particularly metaethics), epistemology, and the intersection of the two.  He’s especially drawn to issues concerning responsibility, the ethics of belief, common sense, intuition, metaphilosophy, and education.

Enthusiastic about philosophy education and public outreach, Alex is a core team member of the philosophy education startup Wireless Philosophy (  He has also worked closely with Yale University’s Pathways to Science Summer SCHOLAR Program and philosophy outreach program, serving as a teaching assistant for an introductory logic and philosophy of science course for exceptional inner-city high school students.

Alex grew up in Connecticut, and studied music composition at Berklee College of Music prior to transferring to Boston University.  In his free time, he enjoys writing music, playing tennis and video games, and reading fantasy novels.