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Max Lewis


Max was born and raised in the Boston area.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Brandeis in 2009 and his Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School in 2013. 

Max’s main philosophical interests are in ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of action.  In ethics, he is interested in normative ethics (e.g. intention & permissibility and collective harm), bioethics (e.g. abortion, euthanasia, and the nonidentity problem), social ethics (e.g. gun control and the licensing of parents), and sexual ethics.  In epistemology, he is interested in skepticism and disagreement.  And, in philosophy of action, he is interested in intention.

In his spare time, Max enjoys writing music and touring with his band (, traveling, watching films by Pedro Almodóvar, reading poetry by Philip Larkin and novels by Philip Roth, writing his philosophy blog (, and visiting museums (especially the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art).