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Kathryn McKinnon


Kati McKinnon

After spending most of her life woefully out of place in Arkansas, Kati studied physics at Amherst College, where she developed a fierce love for the state of Massachusetts and was first introduced to philosophy. She wrote a senior thesis on "Decaying Dark Matter as a Possible Resolution to the Cusp Problem in Large-Scale Structure'' and graduated in 2011.

Instead of studying theoretical particles, Kati now studies theoretical agents. Among the problems in metaethics and ethics that interest her are: whether deference to a so-called moral expert is ever the best course of action, whether facts about right and wrong are totally independent of our attitudes, and how thoroughly honest we must be with ourselves and with others. She would probably lie to the murderer at the door and then feel terrible about it.

When she's not trying to figure out What to Do, Kati enjoys board games, beer, and vegan cooking (preferably in close temporal proximity). Also trains.