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Anthony Dean Norton


Anthony Dean Norton

Anthony was born in Los Angeles, California and raised outside of Dallas, Texas.  He attended The University of Texas at Austin graduating with his B.A.Honors in Philosophy and Government under the guidance of Kathleen Higgins, Jonathan Dancy, and Paul Woodruff.  His first serious philosophical work was his undergraduate thesis on the moral psychology behind Friedrich Nietzsche's theory of life-affirmation.

    Anthony's philosophical interests remain purposefully broad, but take focus around the specifically societal aspects of human existence:  Social and political philosophy, Ethics and moral psychology, Action theory, and Continental philosophy (especially Nietzsche and Marx) – all whilst maintaining an active presence in contemporary discourse on law and politics.

    Outside of his academic endeavors, Anthony's main captivation is as an electronic musician, DJ, and sonic culture enthusiast.  As a kiddo, Anthony spent years training as a martial artist and now teaches self-defense pro bono when time permits.  He also enjoys abstract art, city biking, soccer, internet cat pictures, and sustainable living.