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Robert Long


Robert grew up in Augusta, GA and earned a B.A. in Social Studies from Harvard. His primary philosophical interests are in the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and epistemology.

Recently, he's been working on papers about the epistemic impact of the cognitive penetrability of experience. He's also interested in the epistemology of inference, the relation between phenomenal consciousness and epistemology, and Tyler Burge's theory of perceptual objectivity. Robert also thinks a fair amount about the philosophy of religion, especially where it overlaps with mind and epistemology (for example, in the study of religious experiences).

Robert is the Graduate Student Representative for 2014. The GSR is elected by the graduate students in the department. The role of the GSR is to facilitate communication between the graduate students and the faculty, staff, and undergraduate students of philosophy. The GSR also coordinates activities among graduate students, including the Graduate Student Speaker Series.

Robert has written for The New RepublicThe American Conservative, and the Harvard Political Review, and he's interested in writing popularly accessible philosophy.

In his spare time Robert enjoys biking, backpacking, reading George Eliot, and playing Neko Case songs on the guitar.

You can email him at or contact him on Twitter.