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Teaching Assistant for PHIL 109b Ethics and the Emotions (Spring 2014)

Office: Rabb 364

Office Hours: Mon. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Tyler Williams


Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams hails from Edmond, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City.

Tyler’s philosophical interests include normative ethics and meta-ethics, with special interests in animal ethics, evolution and morality, ethics and intuitions, religion and ethics, and Kant's ethics.  In addition, he has interests in political philosophy, particularly the contract theorists, and issues related to public justification of coercive laws, religion and the law, distributive justice, the nature of property, international justice, and Rawls. 

Tyler was the Graduate Student Representative for 2013.  The GSR is appointed by the active graduate students in the department.  The role of the GSR is to facilitate communication between the graduate students and other people at Brandeis, particularly the faculty, staff, and undergraduate students of Philosophy.  The GSR also coordinates cooperative academic exercises among graduate students, including presentations of the Graduate Student Speaker Series.