The Philosophy Department is excited to announce that it now has its own writing tutor available to assist you with your papers (for philosophy classes, that is). Whether you're writing your first paper in philosophy, or are a committed philosopher striving to improve your craft, the new tutor (TBD) can help you to:

  • Narrow your topic to an appropriate scope
  • Improve your arguments
  • Test the plausibility of your ideas
  • Identify possible objections
  • Learn the conventions of philosophy writing more generally

The new tutor will be available for office hours TBD, and by appointment. Feel free to stop by, or if you are unable to visit during those hours, simply request an appointment time by email.

Ideally you will have a topic and a rough draft ready before making a visit. Where possible, please e-mail a copy of your draft in advance. Please note that this service is focused specifically on your writing style, structure, and argumentative strategies, not on the specific content of the class you are writing for (questions of this type should be directed to professors and course TAs).

In addition, there will be a series of writing workshops held throughout the semester, dates TBA. We'll analyze a few papers together (some good, some bad) to discover what works and what doesn't, and develop strategies for writing clear, persuasive prose.

Please take advantage of these new resources!