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Daniel Goldstein
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Daniel Goldstein


Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein started his physics education at RPI, earning a bachelors in math and physics as well as a masters in applied math in his time there. He started the PhD program at Brandeis and joined the Chakraborty group in 2012. His hobbies outside physics include rock climbing and blues dancing.

Danny Is currently doing research in on active matter. Active matter is any material where the basic components of the system consume energy to produce motion, for example: crowds of people, flocks of birds, swarms of bacteria and active gels inside cells. By studying these system we seek to understand the emergent group structure that comes from behavior of the individual elements of the system. Networks of active materials are important for intracellular motion, useful for many things including manipulating the shape of the cell to governing how the cell divides. Seeking to understand these networks better the Dogic lab has created an easier to study analog of the complex type of active networks we see in our cells. These experimental systems exhibit several interesting properties that Danny Goldstein seeks to understand by simulating a minimal model this active network. 

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