Fall 2017 Courses

For course descriptions, please see the registrar's website of Fall 2017 courses. For information about textbooks, see the bookstore's website.

Course Number Course Name Instructor Time Location
FYS 11a Nature's Nanotechnology Kondev

Block N
T,Th 2-3:20pm

Instructor's Signature Required

Abelson 229
PHYS 10a Intro Physical Laws & Phenomena I Fell Lectures:
10a-1: T,F 9:30am-10:50am
(Block G)
10a-2: T,F 11am-12:20pm
(Block H)
10a-3: T,F 12:30pm-1:50pm
(Block J)
10a-4: M,W 3:30pm-4:50pm
(Block L)
10a-5: M,W 5pm-6:20pm
(Block M) 
10a-6: T,Th 5pm-6:20pm
(Block V)
PHYS 11a Introductory Physics I Martens Lecture: Block E
M,W,Th 12-12:50pm

Exams: Block XI
Mondays 6:30-9:20PM
PHYS 15a Advanced Introductory Physics I Sciolla Lecture: Block E
M,W,Th 12-12:50pm

Recitations/Exams: Block X1
Mondays 6:30 - 9:20pm

Abelson 229

PHYS 18a Introductory Lab I  Rogers

Lecture - all sections
M 2-3:20pm

Lab sections: 
18a-1: M 3:30-7:20pm
18a-2: T 1-4:50pm
18a-3: W 1-4:50pm
18a-4: Th 1-4:50pm
18a-5: F 1-4:50pm

PHYS 19a Physics Laboratory I  Sciolla

M 3:30-4:20pm

Lab sections (section assignments made during first week of classes):
T 4-6:50pm
T 7-9:50pm
W 1-3:50pm
W 4-6:50pm
W 7-9:50pm
Th 1-3:50pm
Th 4-6:50pm
Th 7-9:50pm

Lecture: Abelson 131 

Lab sections: 
Gerstenzang 120H

PHYS 20a Waves and Oscillations Wardle Block E
M,W,TH 12-12:50pm
Abelson 229
PHYS 29a Electronics Lab I Hashemi Lecture:
Block S1: M 2-2:50pm 

Block S3: M,W 2-4:50pm
Abelson 229

PHYS 30a Electromagnetism Blocker Block B
M,W,TH 9-9:50am
Abelson 229
PHYS 31b Quantum Theory II Chakraborty Block G:
T,F 9:30-10:50am
Abelson 229
PHYS 39a/169b Advanced Physics Laboratory Mistark

Blocks S1 and S3:
M,W 2-4:50pm

PHYS 92a Research Internship, 
Staff Add/drop form with undergrad advising head's signature required
PHYS 93a Research Internship, 
Staff Add/drop form with undergrad advising head's signature required
PHYS 97a Tutorial in Physics Staff
PHYS 98a Readings in Physics Staff
PHYS 99d Senior Research Staff Add/drop form with undergrad advising head and committee's signatures required. See rules.
PHYS 105a Biological Physics Hagan Block N
T,Th 2pm-3:20pm
PHYS 107b Particle Physics Penning Block D
M,W,Th 11am-11:50am
Abelson 229
PHYS 123a

Computational Modeling for Physical Sciences

(See also EL 94a, a recommended corequisite for those students who lack a strong background in programming.)

Arvind Baskaran

Block J
T,F 12:30pm-1:50pm

Abelson 229
PHYS 161a Electromagnetic Theory Fell Block C
M,W,Th 10-10:50am
Abelson 229
PHYS 162a Quantum Mechanics I Chakraborty

Block J
T,F 12:30pm-2:00pm

PHYS 163a Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics Aparna Baskaran Block N
T,Th 2pm-3:30pm
PHYS 167b Particle Phenomenology Blocker Block D
M,W,Th 11am-11:50am
Abelson 229
PHYS 169b/39a Advanced Laboratory Mistark Blocks S1 and S3:
M,W 2-4:50pm
Instructor's Signature Required
EL 94a

Computational Modeling Laboratory (recommended corequisite for PHYS 123a)

Arvind Baskaran F 2pm-3:50pm
NPHY 115a Dynamical Systems Epstein

Block H
T,F 11am-12:20pm

Abelson 229