Dark Universe Seminar Series

This seminar series is sponsored by the Dark Energy/Dark Matter group, jointly hosted by Profs. Marcelle Soares-Santos and Bjoern Penning. Seminars are held on Thursdays, 4 pm, Abelson 333 unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2018 Seminars




Thursday, August 30

Dark Universe Group (Brandeis)

Dark Universe Group Symposium

Thursday, September 6

Philipp Roloff (CERN)

Future Accelerators and Doing Physics With Them

Thursday, September 13

Lisa Barsotti (MIT)

The LIGO instruments towards the next Observing Run and Beyond

Thursday, September 20

No seminar

Thursday, September 27

Matthew Szydagis (University at Albany)

The Snowball Chamber: Neutron-Induced Nucleation in Supercooled Water

*Wednesday, October 3

Ian dell'Antonio (Brown University)

Preparing for Dark Energy measurements with LSST

Thursday, October 11

Tom McClintock (BNL)

Galaxy Clusters in the Dark Energy Survey

Thursday, October 18

No seminar

Thursday, October 25

Antonella Palmese (Fermilab)

Gravitational wave astrophysics and cosmology with DES galaxies

Thursday, November 1

Elisabeth A.C. Mills (Brandeis)

Journey to the center of the Galaxy: following gas accretion from hundreds of parsecs to the black hole

Thursday, November 8

Minfang Yeh (BNL)

Scintillator Detector for Neutrino Physics

Thursday, November 15

Felix Kling (UC Irvine)

FASER: ForwArd Search ExpeRiment at the LHC

Thursday, November 22

No seminar (Thanksgiving)

Thursday, November 29

Scott Hertel (UMass Amherst)

The Dark Matter Search Enters a New Regime

Thursday, December 6

Nicolas Koehler (CERN)

Searches for the Supersymmetric Partner of the Top Quark, Dark Matter and Dark Energy at the ATLAS Experiment

Spring 2018 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Thursday, February 15 Sam McDermott (FNAL) Is Self-Interacting Dark Matter Undergoing Dark Fusion?
Thursday, February 22 No seminar (mid-term break)
Thursday, March 1 Justo Martin-Albo (Harvard) The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Thursday, March 8 Hsin-Yu Chen (Harvard) Here Comes the Light -- GW170817 and Gravitational-Wave Precision Cosmology
Thursday, March 15 No seminar (SnowPAC)
Thursday, March 22 Albert de Roeck (CERN) Searches for Long Lived Particles at the Large Hadron Collider
Thursday, March 29 Sally Shaw (UCSB) Final Results of the LUX Direct Dark Matter Search
Thursday, April 5 No seminar (Spring Break)
Thursday, April 12 Albion Lawrence (Brandeis) Effective field theory for large-field inflation
Thursday, April 19 No seminar (LZ collaboration week)
Wednesday, April 25 Aran Garcia-Bellido (Rochester) Top Gear at the LHC