Theory Seminar

Except where otherwise noted, the seminars are held on Mondays at 11 am in Abelson 307 (directions to Abelson). The length of the talk depends on the mode of presentation: 60 minutes for a computer talk, and 80 minutes for a blackboard talk.

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Spring 2017

March 6
Shinobu Hosono (Gakushin University)
Birational geometry from the moduli spaces of mirror CICYs
Host: Albion Lawrence

March 27
Harsha Hampapura (Brandeis)
The Large N Limit of the O(N) Model
Host: Albion Lawrence

May 1
Nishant Agrawal (UMass Lowell)
Early Universe cosmology with large-scale structure
Host: Albion Lawrence

Fall 2016

August 29
Gregory S. Adkins (Franklin and Marshall College)
Effective field theory based calculation of positronium energy levels
Host: Richard Fell

September 8  
Bogdan Stoica (Brandeis)
Tensor networks, p-adic fields, and algebraic curves: arithmetic and the AdS_3/CFT_2 correspondence 
Host: Matthew Headrick

September 12
Gaston Giribet (Brandeis & Univ. of Buenos Aires)
Stringy horizons
Host: Matthew Headrick

September 19  
Brian Swingle (Brandeis & Harvard)
What kinds of states can be prepared by Euclidean path integral?
Host: Matthew Headrick 

September 26
Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
Area, Entanglement Entropy and Supertranslations at Null Infinity
Host: Matthew Headrick

October 10
Jennifer Lin (IAS)
Algebraic Entanglement Entropy and Holography
Host: Bodgan Stoica

October  25
Sam McCandlish, '12 (Stanford)
A Stereoscopic Look into the Bulk
Host: Matthew Headrick

October 31
Netta Engelhardt (Princeton)
Into the Bulk: A Covariant Approach 
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 7
Cesar Agon (Brandeis)
Comments on Entanglement Negativity for Free Fermions in 1+1 Dimensions
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 14
Washington Taylor (MIT)
Where in F-theory is the Supersymmetric Standard Model?
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 21
Harsha Hampapura (Brandeis)
Classification of Two-dimensional Rational Conformal Field Theories
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 28
Djordje Radicevic (Perimeter)
The Ergodicity Landscape of Quantum Theories
Host: Bogdan Stoica

December 1 
Steven Gubser (Princeton)
Joint IGERT/HEGT Seminar
p-adic AdS/CFT
Host: Albion Lawrence

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