Theory Seminar

Except where otherwise noted, the seminars are held on Mondays at 11:00am in Abelson 307 (directions to Abelson). The length of the talk depends on the mode of presentation: 60 minutes for a computer talk, and 80 minutes for a blackboard talk.

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Spring 2017

Feb. 27

March 6
Shinobu Hosono (Gakushin University)
Birational geometry from the moduli spaces of mirror CICYs 
Host:  Albion Lawrence

March 20

March 27
Harsha Hampapura (Brandeis)
The Large N Limit of the O(N) Model
Host:  Albion Lawrence

April 3

April 19 (Brandeis Monday)

April 24

May 1
Nishant Agrawal (UMass Lowell)
Title:  Early Universe cosmology with large-scale structure
Host:  Albion Lawrence

Fall 2016

Aug. 29
Gregory S. Adkins (Franklin and Marshall College)
Effective field theory based calculation of positronium energy levels
Host: Richard Fell

Thursday, Sept. 8  
Bogdan Stoica (Brandeis)
Tensor networks, p-adic fields, and algebraic curves: arithmetic and the AdS_3/CFT_2 correspondence 
Host: Matthew Headrick

Sept. 12
Gaston Giribet (Brandeis & Univ. of Buenos Aires)
Stringy horizons
Host: Matthew Headrick

Sept. 19  
Brian Swingle (Brandeis & Harvard)
What kinds of states can be prepared by Euclidean path integral?
Host: Matthew Headrick 

Sept. 26
Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
Area, Entanglement Entropy and Supertranslations at Null Infinity
Host: Matthew Headrick

Oct. 10
Jennifer Lin (IAS)
Algebraic Entanglement Entropy and Holography
Host: Bodgan Stoica

Tuesday, Oct. 25
Sam McCandlish, '12 (Stanford)
A Stereoscopic Look into the Bulk
Host: Matthew Headrick

Oct. 31
Netta Engelhardt (Princeton)
Into the Bulk: A Covariant Approach 
Host: Matthew Headrick

Nov. 7
Cesar Agon (Brandeis)
Comments on Entanglement Negativity for Free Fermions in 1+1 Dimensions
Host: Matthew Headrick

Nov. 14
Washington Taylor (MIT)
Where in F-theory is the Supersymmetric Standard Model?
Host: Matthew Headrick

Nov. 21
Harsha Hampapura (Brandeis)
Classification of Two-dimensional Rational Conformal Field Theories
Host: Matthew Headrick

Nov. 28
Djordje Radicevic (Perimeter)
The Ergodicity Landscape of Quantum Theories
Host: Bogdan Stoica

Dec. 1 (Thursday at 2pm, Volen 119)
Steven Gubser (Princeton)
Joint IGERT/HEGT Seminar
p-adic AdS/CFT
Host: Albion Lawrence

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