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Past Years

Fall 2008

Sept. 9 & 23
Cecilia Garraffo (University of Buenos Aires)
Ultraviolet corrections to the Einstein-Hilbert action

Sept. 16
Hajar Ebrahim (Brandeis University)
Black holes and qubits

Sept. 29
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis University)
Tachyon actions in string theory: a no-go theorem 

Oct. 7
Hajar Ebrahim (Brandeis University)
Quantum entropy function from AdS2/CFT1 correspondence

Oct. 14
Ian Swanson (MIT)
An overview of the closed string tachyon

Oct. 16
Herman Nicolai (AEI Potsdam)
M2 branes and maximal gauged supergravities in D=3

Oct. 21
Sean Hartnoll (Harvard University)
Holographic superconductors

Oct. 28
Matthias Wapler (Perimeter Institute)
Transport properties of holographic defects

Nov. 4
Alessandro Tomasiello (Harvard University)
AdS4 vacua in string theory, and their CFT duals

Nov. 11
Cynthia Keeler (Harvard University)
Closed string tachyon condensation in E8

Nov. 18
Howard Schnitzer (Brandeis University)
Regge behavior in N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory

Nov. 25
Delia Schwartz-Perlov (Tufts University)
The path(s) most taken: anthropic selection in the landscape

Dec. 4
Gaston Giribet (U. of Buenos Aires)
Duality between non-rational CFTs and their string theory interpretation

Dec. 11
Chethan Gowdigere (HRI Allahabad)
Explicit Calabi-Yau metrics on resolved spaces
Spring 2009
Jan. 13
Hong Liu (MIT)
A worldsheet instanton-induced 3rd order phase transition

Jan. 27
Stephen Naculich (Bowdoin College)
Iterative structures in N=4 SYM and N=8 supergravity amplitudes

Feb. 3
Marcus Spradlin (Brown University)
Aspects of graviton scattering amplitudes

Feb. 9 (Monday)
Toby Wiseman (Imperial College London)
Lattice simulation of thermal D0-branes

Feb. 10
Andrew Neitzke (Harvard University)
BPS wall-crossing and 3-dimensional field theory

Feb. 17
Michael Duff (Imperial College London)
Black holes, qubits and octonions

Feb. 24
Isaac Cohen-Abbo (Brandeis University)
About the nature of dark matter and dark energy

March 3
John McGreevy (MIT)
Gravity duals of non-relativistic quantum critical points

March 10
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis University)
New approaches to numerical Calabi-Yau metrics

March 17
Frederik Denef (Harvard University)

March 24 and March 31
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis University)
Black holes and gauge theory

April 21
Nathaniel Reden (Brandeis University)
Constraints on inflation

April 28 at 2 pm
Shiraz Minwalla (TIFR)
Weak field black hole formation in asymptotically AdS spacetimes

June 23
Claudio Chamon (Boston University)
Why glasses? vs. universality in glassy dynamics
Fall 2009
Sept. 22
Gaston Giribet (University of Buenos Aires and CONICET)
The Black Holes of New Massive Gravity
Oct. 13
Hajar Ebrahim (Brandeis University)

Oct. 27
Sumit Das (University of Kentucky)
Spin models and emergent gauge fields at Lifshitz points

Nov. 3
Sakura Schafer-Nameki (KITP/UC Santa Barbara)
Constraining F-theory model building

Nov. 10
Radu Roiban (Penn State University)
On short strings in AdS_5 x S5
Spring 2010

January 26
Xi Yin (Harvard University)
Higher spin gauge theory and holography

February 2
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis University)
Holography and entanglement entropy

February 9
Wei Song (Harvard University)
The Kerr-Fermi sea

February 23, 1 pm (Joint Theory Blackboard)
Ilya Gruzberg (University of Chicago)
Quantum Hall transitions and conformal restriction

March 2
Diego Hofman (Harvard University)
Generalized Lifshitz-Kosevich scaling at quantum criticality from the holographic correspondence

March 9
Lance Dixon (SLAC)
Perturbative Ultraviolet Behavior of N=8 Supergravity

March 16
Mboyo Esole (Harvard University)
New weak coupling limits in F-theory and non-Kodaira singular fibers

March 23
Miranda Cheng (Harvard University)
Deforming the Lifshitz Holography

April 8, 2:30 pm
Eric Bergshoeff (University of Groningen)
Massive Gravity in Three Dimensions

April 13
Simone Giombi (Harvard University)
Quantum AdS_5 x S^5 superstring in the AdS light-cone gauge

April 19, 1 pm (Joint Theory Blackboard)
Hong Liu (MIT)
From Black Holes to Strange Metals

April 27
Alex Maloney (McGill University)
Where are the Microstates of the Kerr Black Hole?

May 4
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis University)
An effective field theory for chaotic inflation

May 18
Henriette Elvang (University of Michigan)
  new approach to counterterms in N=8 supergravity
Spring 2011

January 25
Xingang Chen (Cambridge University)
Strongly coupled inflation

March 15 (note earlier start time: 1:30pm)
Dimitra Karabali (Lehman College)
Casimir Effect: Edges and Diffraction
Fall 2011

September 6
Jianyang He (Brandeis)
Holographic condensed matter theory

September 20
Brian Wecht (Harvard and Queen Mary)
Quantum Field Theory Without Lagrangians

September 27
Takemichi Okui (Florida State)
Viable gravity mediation

October 11
Horatiu Nastase (Instituto de Fisica Teorica, UNESP, Brazil)
Advances in maximally supersymmetric scattering amplitudes
Lecture 1: "Perturbative N=4 SYM and N=8 supergravity amplitudes

October 18
Ronen Plesser (Duke University)
Geometry of perturbative heterotic vacua

October 19 (Wednesday)
Horatiu Nastase (Instituto de Fisica Teorica, UNESP, Brazil)
Advances in maximally supersymmetric scattering amplitudes
Lecture 2: "AdS/CFT and applications"

November 1
Dr. Andrew Zayakin (LMU-Garching)
Exact one-loop strong coupling results for string spectrum in AdS4 x CP3 versus the all-loop Bethe Ansatz

November 8
11:00am (note that the seminar will meet in Abelson 333 today)
Dr. Ben Freivogel
Completely Stable Oscillations in Conformal Field Theories

November 29
Amit Sever (Perimeter)
Spring 2012

January 17
Zvi Bern (UCLA)
Gravity as a double copy of gauge theory

January 24
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis)
Axion monodromy

January 31
Marco Aldi (Brandeis)
Quantum sigma-model and twisted T-duality

February 7
Jacob Bourjaily (Harvard)
Quantum Field Theory and the Analytic S-Matrix, Redux

February 14
Brian Shuve (Harvard)
A WIMPy Baryogenesis Miracle

February 21
No seminar. Midterm recess.

February 28
Per Berglund (UNH)
Global Embeddings for Branes at Toric Singularities

March 6
Matt Roberts (NYU)
Entanglement entropy after a local quench: A holographic story

March 13
Massimo Porrati (NYU)
Surprises with Interacting High Spin Particles

March 20
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
Properties of entropy in holographic theories

March 27
Jonathan Heckman (IAS)
4D Gravity as a Twistor Matrix Model

April 3
Shamit Kachru (Stanford)
New Horizons in Holography

April 10
No seminar. Passover and spring recess.

April 17
Matt Reece (Harvard)
Supersymmetry, Naturalness, and the LHC: Where Do We Stand

April 26 at 3pm (Thursday)
Abelson 229 (note change of room)
Sam McCandlish (Brandeis)
Bending and Breaking Time Contours: A World Line Approach to Quantum Field Theory
Fall 2012

Monday, Oct. 15, 11am
Alessandro Tomasiello
A Geometric Classification of Supersymmetric Solutions in String Theory

Tuesday, November 13, 1:30pm
Shinobu Hosono (Tokyo)
Mirror symmetry of determinantal quintics inP4

Spring 2013

Jan. 15
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
Bose-Fermi duality and entanglement entropies

Jan. 22
Jianyang He (Brandeis)
Holographic entanglement entropy and strong subadditivity

Jan. 29 (2:30pm)
Misha Smolkin (Perimeter)
Black hole entropy vs entanglement entropy revisited

Feb. 5
Daniel Harlow (Princeton)
Quantum Computation vs. Firewalls

Feb. 12
Joe Minahan (Uppsala)
N^3 behavior from 5-dimensional super Yang-Mills

March 4 (Monday)
Alejandra Castro (Harvard)
Curiosities and Coincidences in Black Hole Physics

March 5
Silviu Pufu (MIT)
The F-theorem and monopole operators in 3d CFTs

March 6 (Wednesday)
Andrew Waldron (UC Davis) Note room change: Abelson 333
Acausality of Massive Gravity

March 12
Daniel Friedan (Rutgers)
Geometry of the 2-d renormalization group

March 19
Chris White (Glasgow)
BCJ Duality, the double copy and the soft limit

April 9
César Agón
On the Beaming of Gluonic Fields at Strong Coupling

April 16
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis)
Holography and Renormalization

April 23 (1:00pm, instead of 11am)
Emanuel Katz (Boston University)
A New Theory of Anyons

Fall 2013

Sept. 3
Ida Zadeh (Brandeis)
Operator mixing in the D1-D5 CFT near the orbifold point

Sept. 10
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
What can holographic entanglement entropy teach us about general relativity?

Sept. 24
Anastasia Volovich (Brown)
Motivic amplitudes and cluster coordinates

Oct. 1
Lara Anderson (Virginia Tech)
T-branes and geometry

Oct. 15
Tom Faulkner (IAS)
Some results on entanglement in holographic field theories

Oct. 22
Matthew von Hippel (Simons Center)
Hexagon functions:  Bootstrapping the three-loop remainder function

Oct. 29
Gokce Basar (Stony Brook)
Resurgence theory, ghost instantons and analytical continuation of path integrals

Nov. 5
Schlomo Razamat (IAS)
3d dualities from 4d dualities

Nov. 12
Julian Sonner (MIT)
The Schwinger effect and the geometry of entanglement

Nov. 13 (Wednesday at 11:00am)
Samir Mathur (Ohio State)
Fuzzballs vs. squids

Nov. 19
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis)
Metastability and instability in holographic gauge theories

Dec. 3
Babak Haghighat (Harvard)
M-strings and their orbifolds

Spring 2014

Jan. 14
Masoud Soroush (Brandeis)
Knot invariants and topological strings

Jan. 21
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
Entanglement entropy in quantum field theory: An overview

Jan. 28

Feb. 4
Mukund Rangamani (Durham)
Effective actions for anomalous hydrodynamics

Feb. 11
Miguel Paulos (Brown University)
Bootstrapping with precision

Feb. 25
Alex Maloney (McGill)
Supersymmetry in de Sitter Space

March 4
Bartek Czech (Stanford)
On UV/IR entanglement, or closed curves in AdS_3

March 11
Al Shapere (Kentucky)
Constraints on the spectra of 2d CFTs

March 25
David Shih (Rutgers) 
The Status of SUSY after Run I of the LHC
Note different location: SSC - 3-37, third floor of Shapiro Science Center

April 1
James Halverson (KITP)
Anomaly Nucleation as New Motivation for WIMPs

April 8
Weijia Li (Beijing Normal U. & Harvard)
Periodically driven holographic superconductor

April 29
Bong Lian (Brandeis)
Recent progress on period integrals

Fall 2014

Sept. 8
Christoph Keller (Rutgers)
3d Gravity, Universality and Poincare Series

Sept. 15
Steven Avery (Brown)
General Bounds on the Evolution of Entanglement Entropy

Sept. 22
Dan Freedman (MIT)
Explicitly Broken Supersymmetry with Exactly Massless Moduli

Sept. 29
Jared Kaplan (Johns Hopkins)
AdS Locality, Gravity, and Black Hole Physics from the CFT Bootstrap

Oct. 6
Ida Zadeh (Brandeis)
Rényi entropies and pure quantum gravity partition functions

Oct. 13
Dam Thanh Son (U. Chicago) 
Quantum Hall effect and Newton-Cartan geometry

Oct. 20
Robert Penna (MIT)
Spinning Black Holes and the Membrane Paradigm

Oct. 27
Jie Gu (Bonn University). Rescheduled.
Braiding knots with topological string

Nov. 3
Parthasarathi Majumdar (Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University) 
Critical Mass of Neutron Stars : A Black Hole Entropic View

Nov. 10
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis)
Coarse-grained quantum dynamics

Nov. 17
Thomas Dumitrescu (Harvard)
Deformations of Superconformal Field Theories

Nov. 24
Ben Safdi (MIT)
Renyi entropy, stationarity, and entanglement of the conformal scalar

Dec. 1
Jie Gu (Bonn University)
Braiding knots with topological string
Spring 2015

Jan. 12
Robert Caldwell (Dartmouth)
The Chiral Imprint of a Cosmic Gauge Field on Primordial Gravitational Waves

Jan. 26
Igor Klebanov (Princeton)
O(N) Models and Higher Spin AdS/CFT  

Feb. 3
Guido D'Amico (NYU)
Photon-Axion conversion in cosmic light

Feb. 9 (rescheduled to April 20)
Tracy Slatyer ( MIT)
GeV Gamma-Rays from the Central Milky Way and the Case for Annihilating Dark Matter

Feb. 23
Aron Wall (IAS)
Quantum Extremal Surfaces

Feb. 26 Special Seminar (note new location: Abelson 333)
Eric Bergsheoff (University of Groningen)

March 2 (to be rescheduled)
Sarah Harrison (Harvard) 
Moonshine and string theory

March 9
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
Ryu-Takayanagi without minimal surfaces

March 16
Martin Kruczenski (Purdue University)
Wilson loops and minimal area surfaces in hyperbolic space

March 23
Ilarion Melnikov (Harvard)
Moduli spaces for (0,2) QFTs

March 30
Tom Hartman (Cornell) 
Conformal Field Theory in the Large-c Limit

April 13
Howard Schnitzer 80th Birthday Celebration.
Talks held in Abelson 333 and Rosenstiel 118.

11am - 12:00pm, Paul Townsend (Cambridge University), The Third Way to 3D Gauge Theory, (Abelson 333)
1:30pm - 2:30pm, Mark Schnitzer (Stanford University), Reading neural codes, ~1000 cells at a time in behaving mice, (Rosenstiel 118)
3:00pm - 4:00pm, Burt Ovrut (University of Pennsylania), The Decoupling Theorem and the Supersymmetric B-L Model: from the Unification Scale to the LHC, (Abelson 333)
4:30pm - 5:30pm, Marcus Spradlin (Brown University), Scattering Amplitudes and Cluster Algebras, (Abelson 333)

April 20
Tracy Slatyer ( MIT)
GeV Gamma-Rays from the Central Milky Way and the Case for Annihilating Dark Matter

April 27
Masoud Soroush (Brandeis)
Supersymmetry in Curved Backgrounds

Fall 2015

Aug. 31
Nima Lashkari (MIT)
Host: Ida Zadeh
Gravity dual of quantum Fisher information

Thursday, Sept. 10  
Cesar Agon (Brandeis)
Quantum Corrections to Holographic Mutual Information

Sept. 21
Sasha Zhiboedov (Harvard)
Host: Ida Zadeh

Tuesday, Sept. 29  
Ida Zadeh (Brandeis)
Higgsing the Stringy Higher Spin Symmetries

Oct. 12
Andrew Liam Fitzpatrick (BU)
Host: Albion Lawrence

Oct. 19
Sarah Harrison (Harvard)  
Landau-Ginzburg orbifolds and symmetries of K3 CFTs
Host: Albion Lawrence

Oct. 26
Omer Ben-Ami (Tel-Aviv University)
Renormalization group flow of entanglement entropy on spheres

Nov. 2
Beni Yoshida (Caltech)
Host: Ida Zadeh
Chaos in quantum channels

Nov. 9
Swapnamay Mondal (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)
Black Hole microstate counting using pure D brane systems
Host: Matthew Headrick

Nov. 16
Mehrdad Mirbabayi (IAS)
Cosmological Consistency Conditions and Their Implications for CMB and Large Scale Structure
Host: Ida Zadeh

Nov. 23
Simon Gentle (UCLA)
Entanglement entropy of surface operators
Host: Matthew Headrick 

Nov. 30
Brian Swingle (Stanford)
Complexity Equals Action
Host: Matthew Headrick

Dec. 7
Howard Schnitzer (Brandeis)
Renyi entropy for  the SU(N)_1 WZW model on a torus
Host: Ida Zadeh

Spring 2016

Wednesday, Jan.20
Cindy Keeler (Niels Bohr Institute)
A caveat for applied holography
Host: Ida Zadeh

Jan. 25
Gerald Dunne (UConn)
Resurgence and Non-Perturbative Physics: Decoding the Path Integral
Host: Ida Zadeh

Feb. 1
Jessie Shelton (UIUC)
Asymmetric reheating and cold dark sectors

Feb. 8
Chris Herzog (Stony Brook University)
Tales from the Edge: Boundary Terms and Entanglement Entropy
Host: Ida Zadeh

Feb. 22
Tarek Anous (MIT)
Black Hole Collapse in the 1/c Expansion 
Host: Ida Zadeh

Feb. 29
Mark Mueller (MIT)
Entanglement Entropy and Variational Methods in Interacting Quantum Field Theories
Host: Ida Zadeh

March 7
Brent Nelson (Northeastern University)
A Geometrical Approach to Particle Physics

March 14
Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)
Bit threads & holographic entanglemend, part II

March 21
Antal Jevicki (Brown)
Bi-Local Holography
Host: Ida Zadeh

April 4
Erik Tonni (SISSA)
Some geometrical aspects of entanglement 
in CFT & Holography

April 6 {Wednesday at 12:30pm, Abelson 229}
Daniel Harlow (Harvard)
Subregion Duality and the Entanglement Wedge in AdS/CFT
Host: Albion Lawrence

April 11
Curtis Asplund (Columbia University)
De Sitter spaces emerging from entanglement in conformal field theories
Host: Ida Zadeh

May 2
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis)
Axion-driven inflation and quantum gravity
Fall 2016

August 29
Gregory S. Adkins (Franklin and Marshall College)
Effective field theory based calculation of positronium energy levels
Host: Richard Fell

September 8
Bogdan Stoica (Brandeis)
Tensor networks, p-adic fields, and algebraic curves: arithmetic and the AdS_3/CFT_2 correspondence
Host: Matthew Headrick

September 12
Gaston Giribet (Brandeis & Univ. of Buenos Aires)
Stringy horizons
Host: Matthew Headrick

September 19
Brian Swingle (Brandeis & Harvard)
What kinds of states can be prepared by Euclidean path integral?
Host: Matthew Headrick

September 26
Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
Area, Entanglement Entropy and Supertranslations at Null Infinity
Host: Matthew Headrick

October 10
Jennifer Lin (IAS)
Algebraic Entanglement Entropy and Holography
Host: Bodgan Stoica

October 25
Sam McCandlish, '12 (Stanford)
A Stereoscopic Look into the Bulk
Host: Matthew Headrick

October 31
Netta Engelhardt (Princeton)
Into the Bulk: A Covariant Approach
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 7
Cesar Agon (Brandeis)
Comments on Entanglement Negativity for Free Fermions in 1+1 Dimensions
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 14
Washington Taylor (MIT)
Where in F-theory is the Supersymmetric Standard Model?
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 21
Harsha Hampapura (Brandeis)
Classification of Two-dimensional Rational Conformal Field Theories
Host: Matthew Headrick

November 28
Djordje Radicevic (Perimeter)
The Ergodicity Landscape of Quantum Theories
Host: Bogdan Stoica

December 1
Steven Gubser (Princeton)
Joint IGERT/HEGT Seminar
p-adic AdS/CFT
Host: Albion Lawrence

Spring 2017

March 6
Shinobu Hosono (Gakushin University)
Birational geometry from the moduli spaces of mirror CICYs
Host: Albion Lawrence

March 27
Harsha Hampapura (Brandeis)
The Large N Limit of the O(N) Model
Host: Albion Lawrence

May 1
Nishant Agrawal (UMass Lowell)
Early Universe cosmology with large-scale structure
Host: Albion Lawrence

Fall 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Christian Jepsen (Princeton)
p-Adic Holography

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
No seminar (Rosh Hashanah)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Sabrina Pasterski (Harvard)
Superrotations and Celestial Correlators

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
No seminar (Brandeis Monday)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Onkar Parrikar (UPenn)
Emergent classical spacetime from microstates of an incipient blackhole

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Sergei Dubovsky (New York University)
Complementarity from Identity

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Albion Lawrence (Brandeis University)
Effective field theory and quintessence

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Jacopo Sisti (SISSA)
Holographic Entanglement Entropy in AdS_4/BCFT_3 and the Willmore Functional

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Matthew Reece (Harvard)
Large Field Ranges, UV Cutoffs, and Photon Masses

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Lampros Lamprou (MIT)
Entanglement Holonomies

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Daniel Jafferis (Harvard)
Entanglement in 2D Gravity

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
No seminar

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Nemanja Kaloper (UC Davis)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
No seminar

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Bogdan Stoica (Brandeis University)
Einstein equations from p-adic string