Theory Seminar

Except where otherwise noted, the seminars are held on Mondays at 11:00am in Abelson 307 (directions to Abelson). The length of the talk depends on the mode of presentation: 60 minutes for a computer talk, and 80 minutes for a blackboard talk.

Fall 2015

Aug. 31
Nima Lashkari (MIT)
Host: Ida Zadeh
Gravity dual of quantum Fisher information

Thursday, Sept. 10  
Cesar Agon (Brandeis)
Quantum Corrections to Holographic Mutual Information

Sept. 21
Sasha Zhiboedov (Harvard)
Host: Ida Zadeh

Tuesday, Sept. 29  
Ida Zadeh (Brandeis)
Higgsing the Stringy Higher Spin Symmetries

Oct. 12
Andrew Liam Fitzpatrick (BU)
Host: Albion Lawrence

Oct. 19
Sarah Harrison (Harvard)  
Landau-Ginzburg orbifolds and symmetries of K3 CFTs
Host: Albion Lawrence

Oct. 26
Omer Ben-Ami (Tel-Aviv University)
Renormalization group flow of entanglement entropy on spheres

Nov. 2
Beni Yoshida (Caltech)
Host: Ida Zadeh
Chaos in quantum channels

Nov. 9
Swapnamay Mondal (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)
Black Hole microstate counting using pure D brane systems
Host: Matthew Headrick

Nov. 16
Mehrdad Mirbabayi (IAS)
Cosmological Consistency Conditions and Their Implications for CMB and Large Scale Structure
Host: Ida Zadeh

Nov. 23
Simon Gentle (UCLA)
Entanglement entropy of surface operators
Host: Matthew Headrick 

Nov. 30
Brian Swingle (Stanford)
Complexity Equals Action
Host: Matthew Headrick

Dec. 7
Howard Schnitzer (Brandeis)
Renyi entropy for  the SU(N)_1 WZW model on a torus
Host: Ida Zadeh

Spring 2016

Wednesday, Jan.20

Jan. 25
Gerald Dunne (UConn)

Feb. 1

Feb. 8
Chris Herzog (Stony Brook University)

Feb. 22

Feb. 29
Mark Mueller (MIT)

March 7
Brent Nelson (Northeastern University)

March 14

March 21

April 4

April 11

April 18

May 2


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