Jill Greenlee participates in Gender and Political Psychology Research Workshop

Oct. 08, 2013

This summer, Professor Jill S. Greenlee was selected to participate in the Gender and Political Psychology Research Workshop at Northern Illinois University. 

The overarching purpose of this workshop was to form a network of political scientists and psychologists who are employing new research approaches and techniques to the study of gender with emphasis on intersectionality. 

Professor Greenlee's research focuses on political socialization, gender and politics, and racial attitudes. Her forthcoming book, The Political Consequences of Motherhood (University of Michigan Press) combines a historical overview of how motherhood has been used in the American political landscape over time with individual-level analysis exploring how and when motherhood shapes the thoughts and preferences of women. In addition to research on gender, Professor Greenlee has investigated questions related to racial attitudes and generational change. She has published work in journals such as Political Psychology, Politics and Gender, and P.S. Political Science and Politics. Professor Greenlee teaches courses in American Politics, Women and Politics, Political Behavior, and Research Methods.