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Shai Feldman publishes in Middle East Brief

Aug. 14, 2014

Professor Shai Feldman, Judith and Sidney Swartz Director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies and Professor of Politics, has co-authored "Stabilizing Gaza-Israel Relations: What Would it Take?" with Khalil Shikaki, Director of the Palestinian Center for Political and Survey Research in Ramallah and a Senior Fellow at the Crown Center. For more information on Professor Feldman's recent research and other research on the Middle East, see the Crown Center for Middle East Studies.

Summary: The 2014 Gaza-Israel War has created an opportunity to launch a more stable paradigm between Gaza and Israel, and between Israelis and Palestinians more broadly. In this Brief, Shai Feldman and Khalil Shikaki present the elements required to transform a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas into a lasting de-escalation processes. First, all three principle parties will need to radically change their approach toward one another by prioritizing pragmatism. Second, the parties will need to support this pragmatic approach with specific policies aimed at facilitating the movement away from violence and destruction and toward greater accommodation. Without these changes, Israel and Hamas are bound to find themselves, sooner or later, in another round of deadly violence, to the detriment of innocent civilians on both sides.