Previous Undergraduate Democracy Honors Students



Ruth Bloch-Rubin
Staying the Sword: The Influence of Senate Hearings on Executive War Making: Investigating Entrepreneurial and Party Factors

Elana Fox
Democracy and Development in Kenya: The Impact of Identity, Interests and Institutions on Resource Access

Samantha Lakin

Laic Policy: The Challenge of Islamic Integration in France

Lauren Stein

'V' for Victory - Colonel Britton's Radio Campaign Against Nazi Germany


Jason Brodsky
The Political Appointment of Minorities by Republican Presidents, 1980-2007

Lachen Chernyha

Spain: Ethnoregional Conflict, Devolution, and the "Democratic Dilemma"

Jacob Daniels

Conflicting Freedoms: A Negative Liberty Theory for Assessing Free Market Reforms in the Developing World

Jennifer Feinberg
Fostering Women’s Political Ambition: Who Runs for Congress, Who Wins, and How to Expand the Pool

Andrew Kleinfeld
Culture, Religion, and Politics: Ethnic Groups and Separation of Church and State in America

Lauren Levenstein

Black Congresswomen in the Media: An Exploration of the Creation and Perpetuation of Public Image and Public Identify

Rachel Levin
The Legislative Leadership Process: Tools and Methods of Presidential Policy Making Concerning Education Reform

Samantha Monk
The Power of Uncertainty: How the Media Can Prevent Iraq from Happening Again

Michael Sier

The Political Hydraulics of Modern Campaign Finance: Closing the National Soft Money Loophole through a Transition out of the Buckley v. Valeo Era

Jacob Sebrow

Sources and Implications of Israeli Constitutional Transformation


Linda Garvey
Documenting Black Women’s Perspectives: Elizabeth Piper Ensley, Lucy Parsons, Nannie Helen Burroughs, and the U.S. Women’s Suffrage Movement

Janet Kim

Asian Pacific American Participation in Presidential Elections, 1992 to Present

Yonatan Morse

Political Transition in the Middle East: The Case of Jordan

Doris Parfaite-Claude

Presidential Impact on the Wartime Relations Between “Enemy Alien” Ethnic Groups and Natives in the 20th Century U.S.

Ian Sager

Identity Questions in Scotland: Football, Faith and Future Prospects

Miranda Waggoner

Countercultural Influence on Democratic Deliberation: The Rag and Austin, Texas 1966-1974