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Faculty Head for Circle Activities

Steven L. Burg

Participating Faculty

Jill Greenlee (Politics)
Jytte Klausen (Politics)
Daniel Kryder (Politics)
Peter Woll (Politics)

2009 Undergraduate Democracy Honors Students

Leila Alciere
De-Development, Democracy and the Demise of Downeast Maine

Alysha Bedig
The Resilience of the Patron State in Face of Economic Reform: State Maneuvering and Elite Entrenchment in Jordan

David Emer
Political Strategy and Policy Choice: A Case Study on George W. Bush’s Failed Clear Skies Air Pollution Initiative

Jessica Seitz
Female Judges and a Feminine Jurisprudence

2009 Graduate Student Research

Maja Catic
Democracy and the State in Bosnia after Dayton
(Ph.D. Dissertation, completed August 2009)