ROMS faculty and staff December 2015

You'll find the course offerings in the Department of Romance Studies both intellectually exciting and extremely useful in understanding the world you will both live in and work in after graduation.  The breadth of our course offerings will help you grasp the complexities of our increasingly globalized but often misunderstood world. Courses on Latin American post-colonial literature, medieval Italian poetry, or Jewish Identities in France will not only intrigue you intellectually, they will also equip you to understand how culture and history have informed the modern world.  In the future, it will be of vital importance to understand how different people, both beyond and within our borders, see the world.

    Our connections with programs such as Latin American Studies, International and Global Studies, African and African-American Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and European Cultural Studies help ensure that your course work in Romance Studies is connected historically, culturally, and politically both with other areas of study and with the complex world in which you will live and work after leaving Brandeis.

    Our graduates go on to work in a many different fields, ranging from international development, teaching, and finance, to public health.  In all of these fields, the sort of cultural awareness you'll get from our language, literature, and culture classes will help you develop a truly international point of view.  Even more, however, you'll take away an intellectual experience that will last with you the rest of your life.  We invite you to investigate our offerings on our website and then get in touch with one of our Undergraduate Advisors or Undergraduate Departmental Representatives.

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TOP ROW, left to right: Fernando Rosenberg (chair of Romance studies, Hispanic Studies), Silvia Monteleone (Italian Studies), Dian Fox (Hispanic Studies), Gabriela Nenciu (French and Francophone Studies), Catherine Theobald (French and Francophone Studies); Michael Randall (French and Francophone Studies), Azlin Perdomo (Hispanic Studies), Raysa Mederos (Hispanic Studies), Martine Voiret (Undergraduate Advising head, French and Francophone Studies), Hollie Harder (Director of Language Programs, French and Francophone Studies), Katie Dickinson (Academic administrator), Paola Servino (Co-Chair and Undergraduate Advising head, Italian Studies).
BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Ellen Rounseville (program coordinator), Elena González Ros (Hispanic Studies), Mary Burstin (HIspanic Studies), Jorge Arteta (Hispanic Studies), Lucía Reyes de Deu (Hispanic Studies).

missing from Photograph: Jerónimo Arellano (Hispanic Studies), Clémentine Fauré-Bellaïche (french and francophone studies), Jim Mandrell (Undergraduate advising head, Hispanic Studies).

December 2015 photograph