Purple Bag Colloquia

Purple Bag
The Purple Bag Colloquia series seeks to give faculty, associates, advanced graduate students and recent PhD students an opportunity to discuss work-in-progress.

Thursday, March 17 at 12 PM in Mandell 228
"Gender, Ethnicity and Citizenship in the Upper Midwest,1900-1930: Reconsidering Theories of Naturalization"

Thursday, April 7 from 12 to 1 in Kutz 102
"Forgetting and Remembering Epilepsy: Collective Memory and the Experience of Illness"

Thursday, April 7 from 3-4:30 in Pearlman 113
"Biomedical Markets: An Economic Sociologist's Perspectice"

Graduate Workshops

Thursday, Feb. 3 at 3:00 in Pearlman 202
"Jitters in the Classroom" featuring the unflappable Tito Soto-Carrion

Thursday, March. 3 at 3:00 in Pearlman 202 (Cancelled)
"Financial Fitness in Graduate School" featuring CFP and MBA Dick Nohelty of Nohelty Asset Management of Watertown

Thursday, April 14 at 3:00 in Pearlman 202
"Surviving Graduate School" featuring fourth-year veteran Clare Hammonds


Events are free and open to members of campus, and sponsored by the Department of Sociology (co-sponsors are noted).

Upcoming Talks

Spring 2013

Thursday March 14
3:30-5:00 PM
Location: Pearlman Lounge
Doug Harper, Professor of Sociology, Duquesne University
(PhD Brandeis University ’76)
Title: Seeing Society: The Long and Winding Road


Doug Harper

Recent Talks

Thursday, February 28
3:30-5:00 PM


Pearlman Lounge


Pride of Place: Queer Female Identities and Communities in Four Small U.S. Cities

Japonica Brown-Saracino,

 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Boston University

Co-sponsored with the Interdepartmental Program in Women's and Gender Studiies



Japonica Brown-Saracino
Thursday November 29
 Sexual Health as Buzzword: Competing Stakes and Proliferating Agendas
 Pearlman Lounge
Steve Epstein, John C. Shaffer Professor in the Humanities, Northwestern University
Co-author of Three shots at Prevention: The HPV vaccine and the Politics of Medicine's Simple Solutions
Co-sponsored with the Interdepartmental Program in Women's and Gender Studies  
Steven Epstein
Thursday October 11
3:30-5:00 pm
Title: Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens and the Culture of Sex                               
: Pearlman Lounge
Amy Schalet,
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Amy Schalet
Thursday October 25
3:30-5:oo pm
Title: So You Think You Can Dance? Lessons on Distorted
Public Valuation from the US Private Equity Bubble
Location: Pearlman Lounge
Catherine Turco
Catherine Turco