Published Articles by Faculty

Published articles by our faculty members

Some of our Faculty Books

Civic Engagement - Carmen Sirianni

Carmen Sirianni

Paging God - Wendy Cadge
                   Wendy Cadge

The Medicalization of Society - Peter Conrad
                   Peter Conrad

Rambo and the Dalai Lama - Gordie Fellman
               Gordie Fellman

Encounter on the Great Plains - Karen Hansen
                 Karen Hansen

Existentialism & Sociology - Gila Hayim
                       Gila Hayim

Reluctant Capitalists - Laura Miller
                     Laura Miller

Exposed Science - Sara Shostak
                   Sara Shostak

Investing in Democracy - Carmen Sirianni
              Carmen Sirianni

Observing the Observer - Shulamit Reinharz
         Shulamit Reinharz

What's Left of the Left - George Ross
                     George Ross


Hansen Karen V. Hansen

Expertise: Gender, feminist theory, sociology of families, historical sociology, networks and communities.


Carmen Sirianni
Undergraduate Advising Head

Expertise: Political sociology, community and civic democracy, organizations, public policy for democracy, work.


Laura J. Miller
Director of Graduate Studies

Expertise: Sociology of culture, mass media, consumption and marketing, urban and suburban studies.

Wendy Cadge Wendy Cadge

On leave academic year of 2016-2017

Expertise: Sociology of Religion, culture, health and medicine, immigration, gender, sexuality, organizations, research methods.

Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad

Expertise: Medical sociology, deviance, qualitative research methods.

Gordon Fellman Gordon Fellman

Expertise: Peace, conflict, and coexistence studies; empowerment, social class, Marx and Freud, psychoanalytic sociology, masculinities, Israeli-Palestinian confrontation.

Shulamit Reinharz Shulamit Reinharz

Expertise: Qualitative research methods, feminist research, Jewish women's studies, social psychology, group dynamics.

Chandler Rosenberger Chandler Rosenberger

Expertise: Nationalism, ethnicity, sociology of culture, sociology of religion, political dissent, terrorism, modern European politics.

Sara Shostak

Sara Shostak

Expertise: Sociology of health and illness, science and technology studies, body and society, sociology and bioethics, environmental health and justice, qualitative research methods.

Mike Strand

Michael J. Strand

Expertise: Social theory, culture, morality, philosophy of social science, economic sociology

Gowri Vijayakumar Gowri Vijayakumar

Expertise: Sociology of gender and sexuality, social movements, labor and labor movements, development, HIV/AIDS, qualitative research, South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa.

Derron Wallace Derron Wallace

Expertise: Sociology of education, race and ethnicity, immigration, social class, masculinities, inequality and identities.

Affiliated Faculty

David Cunningham

David Cunningham Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Social movements/collective action, community structure, organizations, quantitative inquiry, youth culture.

Charles Kadushin

Charles Kadushin, Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Networks, sociology of religion, survey research and the combination of sociological theory and methods.

Ted Sasson Theodore Sasson, Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Political sociology with an emphasis on political discourse, social problems and diaspora studies.

Thomas Shaprio Thomas Shapiro (The Heller School)

Expertise: Stratification, race, political sociology.

Marty Krauss Marty Wyngaarden Krauss (The Heller School)

Expertise: Disability policy, family caregiving, mental retardation, human services.

Affiliated Adjunct Faculty


Rafi Grosglik

Expertise:  sociology of food, cultural globalization, culture, consumption, environment, Israeli society.


Kristen Lucken

Expertise: Immigration, ethnic and religious identity, nationalism, sociology of religion


Janet Zollinger Giele Janet Zollinger Giele (Retired in 2004)

Expertise: Women's changing roles, sociology of the life course, social movements.

Brandeis seal Gila Hayim (Retired in 2014)

Expertise: Social theory, sociology of law, sociology of religion, sociology of culture, existential sociology.

George Ross George Ross (Retired in 2009)

Expertise: European integration, European politics and social policy, comparative industrial relations, sociology of advanced capitalist societies researching and analyzing the development of this new Europe.