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Civic Engagement

Carmen Sirianni

                   Wendy Cadge

                   Peter Conrad

               Gordie Fellman

                 Karen Hansen

                       Gila Hayim

                     Laura Miller

                   Sara Shostak

              Carmen Sirianni

                 Ana Villalobos

         Shulamit Reinharz

                     George Ross



(L to R) Cheryl Hansen, Mitra Shavarini, David Cunningham, Wendy Cadge, Carmen Sirianni, Sara Shostak, Ana Villalobos, Laura Miller, Goldon Fellman, Peter Conrad, Kristen Lucken, Judy Hanley
Not pictured: Karen Hansen, Gila Hayim, Shulamit Reinharz, Chandler Rosenberger

Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad
Department Chair
Expertise: Medical sociology, deviance, qualitative research methods.

Karen Hansen

Karen V. Hansen
Undergraduate Advising Head

Expertise: Gender, feminist theory, sociology of families, historical sociology, networks and communities.


Laura J. Miller
Director of Graduate Studies

Expertise: Sociology of culture, mass media, consumption and marketing, urban and suburban studies.

Wendy Cadge Wendy Cadge

Expertise: Sociology of Religion, culture, health and medicine, immigration, gender, sexuality, organizations, research methods.

Gordon Fellman Gordon Fellman

Expertise: Peace, conflict, and coexistence studies; empowerment, social class, Marx and Freud, psychoanalytic sociology, masculinities, Israeli-Palestinian confrontation.

Shulamit Reinharz Shulamit Reinharz

Expertise: Qualitative research methods, feminist research, Jewish women's studies, social psychology, group dynamics.

Chandler Rosenberger Chandler Rosenberger

Expertise: Nationalism, ethnicity, sociology of culture, sociology of religion, political dissent, terrorism, modern European politics.

Sara Shostak

Sara Shostak

Expertise: Sociology of health and illness, science and technology studies, body and society, sociology and bioethics, environmental health and justice, qualitative research methods.

Carmen Sirianni Carmen Sirianni

Expertise: Political sociology, community and civic democracy, organizations, public policy for democracy, work.

Mike Strand

Michael J. Strand

Expertise: Social theory, culture, morality, philosophy of social science, economic sociology

Ana Villalobos Ana Villalobos

Expertise: Motherhood, Gender & Work, Gender & Education, Identities, Presentation of Self.

Derron Wallace Derron Wallace

Expertise: Sociology of education, race and ethnicity, immigration, social class, masculinities, inequality and identities.

Affiliated Faculty

David Cunningham

David Cunningham Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Social movements/collective action, community structure, organizations, quantitative inquiry, youth culture.

Charles Kadushin

Charles Kadushin, Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Networks, sociology of religion, survey research and the combination of sociological theory and methods.

Ted Sasson Theodore Sasson, Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Expertise: Political sociology with an emphasis on political discourse, social problems and diaspora studies.

Thomas Shaprio Thomas Shapiro (The Heller School)

Expertise: Stratification, race, political sociology.

Marty Krauss Marty Wyngaarden Krauss (The Heller School)

Expertise: Disability policy, family caregiving, mental retardation, human services.

Affiliated Adjunct Faculty

Kristen Lucken

Kristen Lucken

Expertise: Immigration, ethnic and religious identity, nationalism, sociology of religion


Mitra Shavarini

Expertise: Iranian women’s higher education.


Janet Zollinger Giele Janet Zollinger Giele (Retired in 2004)

Expertise: Women's changing roles, sociology of the life course, social movements.

Brandeis seal Gila Hayim (Retired in 2014)

Expertise: Social theory, sociology of law, sociology of religion, sociology of culture, existential sociology.

George Ross George Ross (Retired in 2009)

Expertise: European integration, European politics and social policy, comparative industrial relations, sociology of advanced capitalist societies researching and analyzing the development of this new Europe.