Visiting Research Professor of Sociology

Senior Research Scientist, Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and Steinhardt Social Research Institute


Ph.D., Department of Sociology, Boston College, 1994

B.A., Department of Sociology, Brandeis University, 1987

Focus of Research

Political Sociology, Diaspora Studies, Israel State & Society, American Jewry, Social Problems, Sociology of Punishment.

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Theodore Sasson

Ted Sasson

Theodore Sasson is Visiting Research Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University. He is also Professor of International Studies at Middlebury College, Senior Research Scientist at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, and consultant to the Mandel Foundation.

Author of scholarship in the fields of political sociology, international studies and criminology, Professor Sasson's current work examines Israel-diaspora relations, American Jewish identity and Israeli political culture. He is author of The New American Zionism (New York University Press, 2013) and “Divided, Not Distant: the Politics of Israel in the American Jewish Community,” in Contemporary Israel: New Insights and Scholarship (Fredrick Greenspahn, editor, New York University Press, forthcoming).  

Professor Sasson’s recent scholarly articles include: “Understanding Young Adult Attachment to Israel: Period, Lifecycle and Generational Dynamics (co-author, Contemporary Jewry, 2012); “Guest-Host Encounters in Diaspora-Heritage Tourism (co-author, Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education, 2011); "Framing Religious Conflict: Popular Israeli Discourse on Religion and State" (co-author, Journal of Church and State, 2010); "Trends in American Jewish Attachment to Israel: an Assessment of the ‘Distancing' Hypothesis (co-author, Contemporary Jewry, 2010); "From Mass Mobilization to Direct Engagement:  The Changing Relationship of American Jews to Israel" (Israel Studies, 2010); and "Converging Political Cultures: How Globalization is Shaping the Discourses of Israeli and American Jews" (co-author, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 2010). 

Professor Sasson serves as co-principal investigator of evaluation research for the educational program Taglit-Birthright Israel, and as co-principal investigator for the Jewish Futures Project, a longitudinal study of Jewish young adults. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Israel Studies.

Recent Publications

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