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To learn more about the Graduate Program in Theater Arts, see the University Bulletin or visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Web site.

How to be admitted to the Graduate programs


Tanya Dougherty MFA'11 in "Three Sisters" (2010)

The general requirements for admission to the Graduate School apply to candidates for admission in the area of theater arts; GRE results are not required for theater students. In addition to the standard application procedures, applicants must complete an audition/interview process for actors.

Acting auditions are held at sites around the United States and at Brandeis once every three years. The next acting class will be accepted for Fall 2016. Students are accepted for a three-year period, subject to an annual review by the performance faculty. Students are encouraged to apply early. Once your application materials have been submitted, please contact the Theater Arts Department to schedule an interview. If you have any questions about the interviews, please contact the Theater Arts Academic Office at 781-736-3340 or by email at