Featuring works by

Sarah Ackerman
Andrew Agress
Jamie Semel
Sarah Steiker


Free and open to the public

Senior Festival

senior festival

March 31 - April 2, 2017
Laurie Theater, Spingold Theater Center

The sixth annual Senior Festival is a chance for graduating theater arts students to showcase their work. Under the guidance of Alicia Hyland, students will take on a variety of roles, from
acting, directing, choreography and design. Every year is different, and our students never cease to amaze us with their vision and ambition. Come see what this year’s festival has to offer!

"Work in Progress" Conceived by Sarah Ackerman and Sarah Steiker

Based upon the topic of addiction, this piece explores the way in which addiction is portrayed in theater. Through song, scene, and monologue, we examine the negative connotation that constantly accompanies the word "addiction." Although people commonly pair addictions with drugs and alcohol, we also consider the less explored addictions to love, work, and relationships.

"Taking Ages" Written by Andrew Agress

How do we know that what we've learned about in history is correct anyhow? The people who wrote your history books weren't even at most of those events. Posers. Luckily for you, Taking Ages promises to rewrite history in a way that recounts what really, truly did not happen across the ages via the time-tested medium of sketch comedy. Come along on a journey that will take you through history as you witness the past collide with the present and maybe even the future. 

"Luna" Devised by Jamie Semel and the Ensemble

Julia Butterfly Hill lived on a platform 180 feet above the ground for two years during a remarkable tree-sit in an ancient California Redwood tree. During this time she became a symbol for the environmental and forest conservation movement as she refused to let our disconnection from the natural world allow us to destroy it. This collaborative, devised piece seeks to explore her resilience and dedication to connect us back to our roots. 

Performance Schedule:

March 31, 2017

"Work in Progress" 6:30pm, Laurie Theater
"Taking Ages" 8:00pm, Laurie Theater
"Luna" 9:30pm, Laurie Theater

April 1, 2017

"Taking Ages" 3:30pm, Laurie Theater
"Luna" 6:30pm, Laurie Theater
"Work in Progress" 8:00pm, Laurie Theater

April 2, 2017

"Luna" 2:00pm, Laurie Theater
"Work in Progress" 3:30pm, Laurie Theater
"Taking Ages" 5:00pm, Laurie Theater