2002-03 Season

In the Blood
By Suzan-Lori Parks
Directed by Trazana Beverley
September 24 - 29, 2002
Laurie Theater

The hottest young playwright in America, Suzan-Lori Parks recently received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Her In the Blood is a lovingly comical yet starkly dramatic modern-day riff on The Scarlet Letter crossed with Mother Courage.  It tells the story of a homeless mother of five on the tough streets of the inner city, with adult actors playing her children as well as the boisterous crowd of boyfriends, ministers, social workers and others who populate her life.  The New York Times called it “an extraordinary new play. It is truly harrowing [but] you will be thrilled by its mastery.”

The Laramie Project
By Moisés Kaufman
and the Members of Tectronic Theater Project
Directed by Candice Brown
October 22 - 27, 2002
Laurie Theater

On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside Laramie, Wyoming, beaten and left to die in an act of brutality that shocked the nation.  The Laramie Project chronicles the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the murder, using 200 interviews with the people of the town and constructing a deeply moving theatrical experience based on these interviews.  “Nothing short of stunning. You will be held in rapt attention.  A theatrical event not to be missed.” New York Magazine

Love for Love
By William Congreve
Directed by Michael Murray
November 12 - 24, 2002

Love for Love took London by storm in 1698, as the young William Congreve advanced his meteoric career with this dazzling farce.  The cast of characters includes a brilliantly witty heroine, a hero desperate for love and money, a bumbling astrologer, a foolish fop and a cascade of other colorful characters, all caught up in the whirl of society in 1695.  This is Restoration drama at its funniest written by the master of the genre.  “One of the finest Comedies that ever appeared upon the English stage.” The Spectator

Animal Farm 
By George Orwell
Adapted by Peter Hall
Music by Richard Peaslee
Lyrics by Adrian Mitchell
Directed by Adrianne Krstansky
February 11 - 16, 2003
Laurie Theater 

George Orwell’s biting satire translated into song, dance, and drama by Sir Peter Hall and Richard Peaslee, originally produced at Britain’s National Theater.  The story begins in triumph as the farm animals emancipate themselves from their cruel human owner and create a democratic system.  Before long, however, they find themselves subject to even more ruthless autocrats: the greedy, cunning pigs. Mingling raucous humor and startling drama, Animal Farm is a timeless, gripping fable about a mythical barnyard that is all too familiar.

Escape From Happiness
The First Year Project
February 25 - March 2, 2003
Merrick Theater

With a new presentation style, using minimal production elements designed to focus on the actor’s performance, The First Year Project is a special performance chosen to showcase the diverse and impressive talents of this year's entering class of first-year graduate actors.

The contemporary comedy by George F. Walker "Escape From Happiness" is our First Year Project this year, directed by Robert Walsh.  Meet our newest and brightest actors as they perform this wacky, edgy and hilarious comedy about a family's dysfunction.

Rock, Paper Scissors
The Herbert and Kim Marie Beigel New Play
Two one-act plays by Brandeis University playwrights
March 18 - 23, 2003
Laurie Theater

Danielle Slepian's "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" and Jesse Kellerman's "Fafrofskies"

Agamemnon and his Daughters
Adapted by Kenneth Cavander from plays by Aischylos, Sophokles, and Euripides
April 8 - 13, 2003

The great story that is at the foundation of Western drama and literature comes to life in this bold new version of three Greek plays by Kenneth Cavander.  In order to pursue his war against Troy, Agamemnon painfully decides to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia, thereby setting in motion a sequence of events that has a tragic and dramatic force rarely equaled over the centuries.  All of the intense power of these ancient stories is retained in this new version, in language that is strong, colorful, poetic and surprisingly contemporary.

Non-Subscription Events!

From the Horse’s Mouth
September 12, 2002

From the Horse's Mouth celebrates the "heart and history" of dance with outstanding dancers and choreographers of all ages and traditions performing and telling their extraordinary personal stories.  Conceived and directed by Tina Croll and James Cunningham, who will perform along with Brandeis students and local, professional dancers. For more information visit www.horsesmouth.org.

Better Don’t Talk!
A Daughter Discovers Her Mother’s Hidden Past
By Naava Piatka
Directed by Joann Green Breuer, Accompanist: Lucy Holstedt
October 5 & 6, 2002
Merrick Theater 

As a teenager, actress Chayela Rosenthal unexpectedly found herself performing as the "Wunderkind of the Vilna Ghetto," in Nazi occupied Poland. Choosing not to dwell on the past, Chayela never revealed her wartime experiences to her daughter. Internationally acclaimed actress/playwright Naava Piatka recreates her mother's remarkable life story in a powerful and moving tribute of compelling narrative, original songs, and humor. Piatka expresses the essence of their relationship by playing both her mother and herself in this celebration of survival honoring the spiritual connection between life and death, past and present.

*Special Mother-Daughter Matinee Benefit Event!   Includes post-production creative Jewish ritual workshops from 4:00 - 4:45 pm. To benefit Mayyim Hayyim: Living Waters Community Mikveh and Education Center.  Call for prices.

The National Marionette Theatre's
Alice in Wonderland
By Lewis Carroll
March 9, 2003

A brand new production!  The characters in this fun and fantastical favorite are faithfully crafted following the original book illustrations. Tickets for past National Marionette Theater performances have sold quickly, so purchase your tickets now, by mail order only, for what promises to be an extraordinary special event!

And then you go on.  An Anthology of the Works of Samuel Beckett"
Sunday April 27, 2003
Merrick Theater

Brandeis alum Bob Jaffe brings his highly acclaimed one man show "…and then you go on.  An Anthology of the Works of Samuel Beckett" .  Drawing from 13 of Beckett's works, this performance has been called "A rich best of Beckett…. a wry and passionate intensity to his performance!" by The Boston Globe.